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★ Xiao Headcanons ★ • You were lucky when you first spotted Xiao, going up to him to chat. He was mean at first, but after talking to the Inn's owner, Verr, you learned a bit more about him. ... xiao genshin xiao genshin impact genshin liyue ameno air wind collateral damage adepti amber eyes almond tofu. 128 notes.

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Scaramouche x Haughty Harbinger Reader {Mean Flirt} Venti x Electro Vision Human Female Reader {Lost On You} Zhongli x Bohème Reader {Bohemian Rhapsody} ... Genshin Impact x Reader Oneshots + Headcanons. Republic of Avalon. Tartaglia/Childe x Reader {Green Eyed Monster}
Scaramouche spat. “I want to end this as quickly as possible myself, so I don’t get why Signora thinks I can’t help her!”. “My instincts don’t lie to me,” Xiao hissed back. “And you reek of someone who poses a threat to Liyue.”. You groaned loudly, shaking your head.
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Genshin Impact Scaramouche: Últimas noticias. Poco después del lanzamiento de la actualización 2.0, señaló un filtrador Dimbreath sugirió que Scaramouche aparecerá en otra escena durante la actualización 2.1, y en la última transmisión en vivo obtuvimos la confirmación de que será parte de la historia de la actualización 2.1, «Mundo flotando bajo la luz de la luna».
1 - Scaramouche Genshin Impact Profile. Scaramouche, also known as Balladeer, is the 6th member of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. He is an executive officer of the Fatui and the Tsaritsa. His real name is Kunikuzushi. Fatui Harbingers are supposed to be very strong - people expect Scaramouche to be about the same level as Tartaglia. ...
Genshin Impact Main DPS Character Tier List The Main DPS character in Genshin Impact typically deals lots of damage and is the character that will primarily carry your team in the game.
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Genshin Impact developer Mihoyo released a trailer teasing some of the 2.1 content on Friday. It showed combat gameplay from new characters and a cinematic of Scaramouche laughing maniacally as ...
Scaramouche is Bad at Feelings (Genshin Impact) scaramouche is an asshole; Language: English Stats: Published: 2021-10-03 Updated: 2021-10-11 Words: 41107 Chapters: 3/? Comments: 58 Kudos: 146 Bookmarks: 23 Hits: 1252. jeju island shinobukocho. Chapter 3: tug of war Notes:
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The latest Genshin Impact Livestream showcased a lot of details for the upcoming 2.1 Patch, but it was a short clip of a returning NPC, Scaramouche that made the fans go wild on Twitter and Reddit. The brief cameo rekindled the thought that players will be able to use the character in the near future. The frenzy among the player base was so much that Scaramouche was trending higher than the ...
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Genshin Impact Tetsuya Kakihara Scaramouche interview. Tetsuya Kakihara is surprised Genshin was released one year ago already. Though Scaramouche only first appeared in November 2020. Kakihara ...